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It’s time to take self development into the 21st century!

  • If you are looking for another 15-hour long self improvement course, or 359-page book, that is all theory & no action ... Then this is not for you …
  • Ultiself is your AI based, custom shortcut to Upgrading yourself for success fast!
If you are tired of the same generic & ineffective self improvement tips…
Falling trap to even 1 of them can make it nearly impossible to live up to your true potential & achieve your goals.

LIE # 1:  Improving yourself is all about learning.

Books, courses & seminars won’t make you successful...Action will!
A meta-analysis of 400 studies conducted by scientists from UNC & University of Sheffield found that ONLY 50% of our intentions ever get implemented.
It’s actually not your fault. The $10 billion dollar a year self-improvement industry wants people to keep spending money on education.
Problem is, just learning won’t cut it…you need to take proper action!

LIE # 2:  Do what the “experts” do & you will get the same results.

Popular habits like Cold Showers, Meditation, & Intermittent Fasting may be great for some, but unfortunately not everybody.
According to recent research by University College London, even a well regarded habit like meditation can cause negative effects like fear, panic & distorted emotions for as much as 25.6% of practitioners.
Too many people don’t realize this & blindly follow, fad after fad, or “guru” after “guru”.
They think they are building good habits...but get little, no, or even negative results.
In his best-selling book The Power of Habit Charles Duhigg talks about keystone habits...the habits that have the Greatest Positive Impact on YOU!
Finding & building your true keystone habits is essential to building your ultimate self!

LIE # 3: Motivation, positive thinking & the law of attraction are enough to help you achieve your goals.

A study by the University of Kentucky &  Alpert Medical School of Brown University, found that motivation alone is not enough in order to be consistent in your actions. There are other critical factors. 
The reality is that the RIGHT, SMALL adjustments to your daily routine are key to getting huge positive results in any endeavor. 
To dramatically change your life, you don’t need to run a 100-mile race, get a PhD, or completely reinvent. It’s the small things done consistently that are the big things

Tim Ferris - Investor, Author of Tools of The Titans
The sooner you stop falling trap to these 3 lies, the sooner you can actually start truly moving forward in life.


Learning generic concepts will not build your Ultimate Self
You need a customized, actionable solution.

Business moguls, politicians, & athletes like Tom BradyMarc Banioff and Oprah Winfrey hire entire teams of nutrition, fitness, & mental performance experts to create customized self optimization systems.

Up to 40% of fortune 500 companies hire teams to develop their executives.
In today’s competitive environment you need to do the same to succeed …but if you’re like most you probably can’t afford an entire “self optimization team”

So what’s the solution?

  • You don’t need expensive coaching sessions, motivational events or a neuroscience degree to break through your glass ceiling...
If you are interested you can do that stuff after you get results.
Up to 90% of our daily action is HABIT BASED
All of our life is but a mass of small habits - practical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual - that bear us irresistibly toward our destiny.

William James - The Father of Modern Psychology
Luckily our powerful app & 3 step system, makes hacking your habits amazingly simple.

3 step system

But, who has time to build new habits?...If you just focus on your work & life will be good, right?
Your confidencefocus, productivity, creativity & energy are essential to your success.
If you are not improving them someone else is. And they are right around the corner, ready to take your spot. 
According to stats collected by Millionaire Foundry, 88% of self-made millionaires practice some form of self improvement.
Tiny tweaks in your daily routine can improve those faculties.
Why not make those tweaks & take your life to new heights?

 Introducing the 3 Step Self Upgrade system

specifically designed for people who want to achieve more in business and life

If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars & countless hours on the same old self-help information but want to reach your true potential & crush your goals and follow this simple 3-step formula.
Like a personal control panel, Ultiself puts everything you need to succeed into the palm of your hand...Information and action!
Our AI algorithm will create your optimal routine & our gamification features will make it stick!
The best part is that you can use Ultiself to improve just about any area:
From Mental Sharpness, to Creativity, Focus, Sales Skills, and Productivity, to Athletic Performance, Fitness, Weight Loss and more.
Whether you are trying to scale your business, launch a killer digital product, sell more cars to hit your quota or make your varsity basketball team our intuitive app and this common sense system will help you reach your goals.
Ultiself will focus your efforts on what actually works for YOU
And free up the rest of your time to enjoy life & focus on your craft.

Yes! I want to order the Ultiself Self Upgrade System Right Now!

I need your system because I realize that being the best version of myself is essential to my success in business and life.
  • Lifetime Premium access to our AI Based App. With the Intelligent habit tracker, optimal routines, and habit directory ($160 value)
  • ​Access to the Ultiself Self Upgrade System Video Tutorials ($127 value)
  • Self Upgrade Actionable System Workbook  ($247 value)
  • ​Self-Optimization QUICK START GUIDE ($57 value)
  • ​​BONUS #1: Science backed success mindset training ($197 value)
  • ​​BONUS #2: Ultiself Sleep Tracker ($97 value)
  • ​​BONUS #3: Unbeatable support and access to our Private Facebook Group (Priceless Value)

Everyday Problems of success oriented people

Let’s be real for a while. There are actually 3 big problems that most people face when trying to improve themselves.

Problem 1: not enough time

Success oriented people have big goals & want to get the most from each day.
This usually means lot’s of issues, questions & problems.
At the end of the day they often feel unfulfilled, like they did not get enough of the RIGHT things done.
Unfortunately you cannot slow down time.
More energy, creativity, focus & mental sharpness would help. But where do you begin???

Problem 2: Information overload

Countless courses, books, “gurus”, are pushing a barrage of ideas, products & biohacks:
Start with why, 10X your efforts, breathe a certain way, eat only 1 meal a day, meditate 2 hours a day, create a vision board, etc. etc. etc.

Problem 3: Confusion & Stress

The overwhelm from the daily grind and lack of clarity on how to get an edge and “catch up” can cause major stress.
They buy more books, courses, & listen to more podcasts trying to figure out how to get the needed edge to succeed...
Days are passing by with little or no progress.
They are behind, stressed out, under-rested, foggy, & feel out of control.

The Solution, meanwhile, is very simple:

They need to systematically HACK THEIR HABITS


Habit Directory

To dramatically change your life, you don’t need to run a 100-mile race, get a PhD, or completely reinvent. It’s the small things done consistently that are the big things

Tim Ferriss - Investor, Author of Tools of The Titans
There are literally hundreds of little tweaks that you can make.
Things as simple as wearing blue light blocking glasses to improve your sleep, getting 10 minutes of morning sunlight for more energy, or listening to classical music to help you focus while you work.
Find the right tweaks and they can compound to massive results in your life

And your starting point is our HABIT DIRECTORY:

Virtually everything you need to know about over 200 good habits and biohacks is categorized & broken down in quick intuitive summaries & 45 second videos; benefits, instructions & science.
We did all that work for you! Simply type what you want to improve & get all the info you need fast in the palm of your hand...no more long boring books or courses.
There are even entire routines you can add to improve your mental toughness, memory, energy and more.

Intelligent Habit Tracker

Tracking your habits is critical to improving just about any area of your life.
  • It obviously reminds you to complete your habits
  • Gives you a sense of control over your day
  • Increases your consistency.
  • ​Builds your self-confidence
Many users felt a greater sense of control over their lives after just 2 weeks of using the tracker.
A study by the University of Sheffield (UK), University of Leeds (UK) and the University of North Carolina (USA) with 19,951 people found that those who track their habits are more likely to achieve their goals.
When you take just a couple of minutes a day to use our tracker our AI algorithm will identify how each of your habits impacts you & create your optimal routine.
This way you can stop wasting time on ineffective habits and focus your energy on what will get you to your goals.

Your Optimal Routine

Finding the habits that impact you the most is great…
Identifying the best times to do those habits can be life changing.
According to sleep expert Michael J. Breus Ph.D.’s book The Power of When, each of us has optimal times for sleep, exercise, socializing, learning, strategizing and rest.
Our optimal routine feature gives you this mega-valuable information.
You will be able to work when you are most productive, exercise when you are energized and rest when you truly need to.
Normally you would literally need a team of scientists working with you 24-7 to get this mega valuable information.
But once again Ultiself puts it all into the palm of your hand.

Gamification to make it stick

You are probably thinking “all this sounds great but am I really going to stick with it?”
Very valid concern.
Even the best habits in the world are useless if you don’t implement them consistently.
Fortunately we got you covered.
There are certain psychological gamification triggers that get you hooked on games…
Sport games, video games and of course casino games.
A systematic review by the University of Pittsburgh summarized the benefits of gamification in various fields. It improved 69% of outcomes in psychotherapy, 59% in physical therapy, and 42% in health education programs. Gamification makes activities less monotonous for users.
Our team of behavioral neuroscientists, psychology PHD’s and data analysts designed Ultiself with those triggers in mind.
We want to make building your best self a fun game instead of a boring chore.


  • If you are looking for a 25 hour long course, a 357 page book or a workshop full of theory that you will never implement...Then this is not for you …
We are bringing self-improvement out of the stone age!
If you don't want to waste your time on generic biohacks & self improvement tips that may not even work, you use our powerful app & actionable system to build your Ultimate Self Fast.

Yes! I want to order the Self Upgrade System Right Now!

I need your system because I realize that being the best version of myself is essential to my success in business and life.
  • ​Lifetime Premium access to our AI Based App. With the Intelligent habit tracker, optimal routines, and habit directory ($160 value)
  • ​Access to the Ultiself Self Upgrade Video Tutorials ($127 value)
  • ​Step by Step Actionable System Workbook ($247 value)
  • ​Self-Optimization Quick Start Guide ($57 value)
  • ​​BONUS #1: Science backed success mindset training ($197 value)
  • ​​BONUS #2: Ultiself Sleep Tracker ($97 value)
  • ​​BONUS #3: Unbeatable support and access to our Private Facebook Group (Priceless Value)

Bad News:

The Ultiself Self Upgrade System is not for everyone.

It’s not for People:
  • Who are looking for a quick fix, a magic pill or the next hyped up biohack to solve all of their problems.
  • ​Who think that they can take just 1 supplement or do 1 activity and instantly improve every aspect of their lives.
  • ​Who don’t have a growth mindset and don’t believe that they can improve by taking the right actions.
  • ​It is not for people that are content with mediocrity.
If you are one of them, I have bad news for you! It doesn’t work like this. 
Don’t waste your time reading this page. If you don’t have the drive we don’t have a magic pill for you.

Good News:

Ultiself Is IDEAL For People …

  • Who have high aspirations, want to improve and live up to their full potential.
  • Who understand the impact that optimizing their minds & bodies has on their success.
  • Who know they have to take action to get results
  • ​Who are ready to use the shortcuts to get results faster (but still know they have to take action!)
    • Entrepreneurs
    • ​Sales professionals
    • ​Executives 
    • ​Real Estate Developers
    • Athletes
    • ​Recruiters
    • ​Software Developers
    • ​Anyone looking to achieve more!
    If you are driven to succeed, welcome.
    to optimize your mind and body for success with our powerful AI based app and actionable habit hacking System.
    Hey, my name is Alex Nekritin and I am the CEO and Founder of the Breakthrough Biohacking App, Ultiself.
    We likely don’t know each other but the fact that you are on this page tells me that we have something very big in common.
    We both want to achieve more and live up to our expectations of ourselves.
    This is truly fantastic, because it already puts us ahead of most people.
    While we are willing to leave no stone unturned to achieve greatness, many are perfectly ok with mediocrity.
    The problem is we don’t come with an operating manual or a control panel :) and unless we know how to “program” ourselves we don’t stand a chance.
    Willpower alone simply won’t cut it!
    Many just don’t realize this and remain in a rat race. They simply can’t get unstuck and reach their true potential.
    They focus on learning about sales, internet marketing, get various degrees, take various classes, find job opportunities, make amazing contacts but they neglect one very important tool….
    If you do not have control over yourself, it is going to be very hard to get control over your business, your relationships, and your life.
    You may have amazing ideas but people who can out-execute you will always beat you to the punch and reap the rewards that could have been yours.
    And that’s a pity.

    This is why I am on a mission

    I am on a mission to help, busy, performance driven, goal oriented, people live up to their true potential.
    So that they can innovate, create and make this world a better place for everyone.
    If you are one of them….
    …then I am here to help you.

    BONUS #1 Science Backed Success Mindset Guide

    Our Science Backed Mindset Guide will show you 6 key mindset strategies to increase your resilience & ensure that you will stick with your Optimal Routine, and accomplish your goals.
    We call this the “mindset” guide but don’t worry this is not some rah-rah, motivational speech designed to hype you up for a few days and fall out of your head in a few more.
    It is a practical, science backed approach based on research from leading scientists and performance experts like Gabriel Oetingen, Angela Duckworth, Todd Herman and More.
    In fact it is so critical that we feel compelled to include it with the program as a must-have bonus.

    BONUS #2 Sleep Tracker

    Sleep is Critical
    According to Harvard Business Review, lack of sleep decreases productivity, performance, job satisfaction, and negatively affects mood.
    Some studies actually found that lack of sleep impairs people’s motor functions in a similar way as alcohol. Just imagine trying to perform at your best when you are drunk.
    Since we are all different when and how long you need to sleep differs from person to person.
    Some are better off going to bed super early while others only kick into productive mode late at night.
    This information is so important to have that we actually created a bonus product that will help you optimize your sleep.
    Typical sleep trackers track the quality of your sleep.
    But the Ultiself Sleep tracker tracks how your sleep affects your daily mood, productivity and energy.
    Isn’t how you feel the ultimate feedback indicator?
    This will tell you when you need to sleep and for how long in order to feel your best every day.

    Bonus #3 Unbeatable Support and Exclusive Access to Our Private Facebook Group

    There is a concept that, in any faculty, you are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with.
    Why not connect with likeminded, performance driven people who understand the value of building their best selves.
    For this very purpose we created an exclusive facebook group.
    You can find accountability partners, compare notes, share ideas and even ask questions to our team of scientists and successful entrepreneurs.
    We know you want to be unstoppable
    I need your System because I understand the importance of upgrading my mind and body.
    I am sure that being the best version of myself is essential to my success.

    It’s time to bring self-improvement into the 21st Century

    • ​Access to the Ultiself Self Upgrade System Member Area  ($127 value)
    • ​Step by Step Optimal Routine Development Workbook ($247 value)
    • ​​Lifetime access to the Premium version of our AI Based Ultiself Biohacking App ($160 value)
    • ​Self-Optimization Quick Start Guide ($57 value)
    • ​​BONUS #1: Science backed success mindset training ($197 value)
    • ​​BONUS #2: Ultiself Sleep Tracker ($97 value)
    • ​​BONUS #3: Unbeatable support and access to our Private Facebook Group (Priceless Value)

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    Look. Let’s be honest. You don’t know me personally (probably), I don’t know you.
    Why you should trust me when there is a high chance you have bought a course before from somebody else (who you didn’t know at that time) and it flopped, right?
    • Even if you are so busy with your business that you have no time for self-improvement. – You are the most powerful tool your business has…make sure this tool is properly taken care of and performing optimally.
    • Even if you think you already have it figured out. You exercise, you eat healthy, you have a great system for getting your work done. – You can always do better. Our data driven approach will help you turbo charge your performance. Remember this day and age your competition is right around the corner, using every trick in the book to get ahead.
    • ​Even if you are already working with a trainer, coach or nutritionist – Good, use our powerful app to stick to the routine you and your coach created. We are sure he or she is going to love it and turn more of their clients on to it! In fact we work with many coaches.
    • Even if you feel like self-improvement and biohacking is a complete waste of time – That is because you have been going about it all wrong. Instead of simply learning, visualizing, and getting motivated…You need to take proper consistent daily action…Ultiself will help you do this and make it all stick!
    • Even if you feel like you will not stick with it – Our app is specifically designed to make you stick with it! We have added advanced gamification to make biohacking and personal development a fun game instead of a boring chore. We promise you will be hooked on the right habits!
    The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago
    The second best time is now!

    Chinese proverb
    Stop Learning and Start Improving!
    Who is the toolkit for?
    This Toolkit is specifically designed for performance driven people that are trying to upgrade their mind and body and live up to their true potential.
    This includes; Entrepreneurs, managers and executives, sales people, athletes.
    Basically anyone in a competitive environment that needs an edge.
    What is the difference from other biohacking, self-improvement & habit building courses?
    First of all the Ultiself Biohacking Habit Toolkit is not a course.
    It’s a Powerful AI based mobile app and Step by Step Actionable System designed to upgrade your body & mind so that you can reach your full potential. 
    What tools do I need to access your Toolkit?
    All you need is a mobile phone and a laptop or tablet.
    What if I don’t like the toolkit and decide it’s not for me?
    No worries. We stand by our work. If you don’t like it, just write us an email within 30 days and receive your FULL refund right away.
    But if you get stuck and still want to upgrade your body and mind with Ultiself, here is the quick fix:
    Write a comment our Private Facebook group and we'll help you move forward and get the most from our tools.
    How quickly will I get results from your toolkit?
    This entirely depends on you, your goals, the areas you are trying to improve.
    Going through the program may upgrade your mindset right away.
    But users found that it took between 2 weeks and a few months to see improvement in various areas of their lives.
    Is the app & content available right away?
    The app is available for immediate download!
    The toolkit is available for immediate access!
    How do I get the app?
    It’s very easy...We will send you a special link to get lifetime premium access to the app when you purchase this system.
    I am already working with a coach/nutritionist/trainer. Will your program still help me?
    Definitely! In fact Ultiself is a perfect complement to working with a coach, trainer or nutritionist.
    Many coaches provide Ultiself to their clients to help with their routine, keep them accountable, & identify the effectiveness of their habits.
    If I am really struggling with my productivity, discipline, focus will this program work for me?
    Absolutely. The best way to stop struggling is by taking the RIGHT incremental action.
    That is precisely what Ultiself will help you do.
    How much time will it take me to go through your program?
    We know you are busy, so we specifically designed Ultiself to give you the greatest return on your time invested.
    It typically takes our users between 1 to 2 days to go through the workbook and set up their biohacking and self-improvement system and 1-2 minutes per day to track their habits and rate their days.
    Is the program self-paced?
    Yes! You can go through the material at your own pace.
    And the premium app is you’re to use as needed.
    If I don’t buy now will the price increase?
    After this promotional offer is over, we will likely sell all of the components at their regular price separately or take them off the market.
    Here is everything you need to upgrade your mind and body with the right habits…
    …Quickly, with less effort and minimal guesswork
    • ​Access to the Ultiself Self Upgrade System Members Area ($127 value)
    • ​Ultiself Optimal Success Routine Development Workbook ($247 value)
    • ​​Lifetime Premium access to our AI mobile App ($160 value)
    • ​Self-Optimization Quick Start Guide ($57 value)
    • ​​BONUS #1: Science backed success mindset training ($197 value)
    • ​​BONUS #2: Ultiself Sleep Tracker ($97 value)
    • ​​BONUS #3: Unbeatable support and access to our Private Facebook Group (Priceless Value)
     We will show you exactly how to upgrade your body and mind...
    And give you the tools to actually implement what you learn to build your ultimate self & achieve your goals.
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